B34 Qi Core Pro CS Series Football Pants Sample


B34 Qi Core Pro CS Series Football Pants Sample

$50.00 $40.00


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B34 Qi Core Pro Series Football Pants:

B34 Qi-Core pro series pants just like our pro series jerseys were designed to perform at the highest level of competition possible. Regardless if you play on Friday, Saturday or Sunday these pants can take whatever you throw at them. Default pants come with Qi-Grip slotted anti slip silicon waistband, built-in thigh and knee pad pockets and fly-less design.

  • Construction FullHeaveyweight interlock spandex/lycra
  • Material Heavyweight interlock spandex or heavyweight lycra.
  • Qi-Wick moisture Control
  • Qi-Core temperature control
  • Qi-Flex technology.
  • Qi-Grip Silicon technology
  • Anti-microbal and Stain resistant
  • 1 year replacement warranty


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